The 38 Best Gifts for Mom

The 38 Best Gifts for Mom

Wake up and smell the coffee Photo: Atlas Coffee ClubWe’ve tried countless great coffee subscriptions, but for the caffeine-craving mama with a global palate, your best bet is the Atlas Coffee Club. Each monthly delivery hails from a different country, many of which are less-customary coffee destinations such as Peru, India, and Nicaragua. Atlas works

Wake up and smell the coffee

Cups of coffee and bags of ground coffee from Atlas Coffee Club styled against a white background.

Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

We’ve tried countless great coffee subscriptions, but for the caffeine-craving mama with a global palate, your best bet is the Atlas Coffee Club. Each monthly delivery hails from a different country, many of which are less-customary coffee destinations such as Peru, India, and Nicaragua. Atlas works directly with local farmers so they can get creative with the bean production; one recent project lauded by Wirecutter editor Ben Keough used anaerobic fermentation to extract more-unusual flavors from an uncommon Indian coffee. You have the choice of sending the 12-ounce delivery monthly or bimonthly, and each also arrives with a postcard featuring trivia about that country’s coffee industry. And Mom can choose her preferred roast and grind specifications.

Rock on

A blue Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 speaker.

Photo: Rozette Rago

If your mom would enjoy working out in the yard untethered by earbuds, or they just want a way to bring some jazz to a picnic, a portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gadget. Our favorite is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, which offers clear, full sound and is nearly unbreakable (it survived a 5-foot drop, no problem). And this speaker is small, so it’s easy to take on any journey; if that journey is just as far as the shower, this model is waterproof, too.

Cute jammies

A person lounges on a couch, petting a dog and wearing their Eberjey Gisele PJ Set in Navy Blue.

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

With all of the comfort of an oversize tee—but a far cuter aesthetic—these jersey pajamas from Eberjey were among our absolute favorites from testing. After using them for over two years, our staff tester reports that they still fit properly and feel soft, showing only minimal wear. The set offers several mix-and-match options for the tops and bottoms (you can choose short sleeve or long, with either shorts or pants). And these PJs come in 16 pretty colors to suit any mom on your list.

Never-ending flowers

A floral arrangement from Urban Stems flower service, shown in a white vase.

Photo: Michael Murtaugh

The pleasure of receiving a bundle of blossoms is nearly unparalleled. We get a jolt of energy every time we walk through a room and see cut flowers in a vase. Rather than presenting Mom with merely one bouquet, though, why not give her a year’s worth of joy? UrbanStems, our pick for the best online flower-delivery service, offers subscriptions of classic or seasonal arrangements that arrive weekly, twice monthly, or monthly. The first bouquet comes with a simple, clear glass vase. But you could also buy her a hand-blown Aurora Pill Vase, which comes in a range of shapes and colors.

Skin deep

Skincare products feature a body brush, a spherical lotion bar, and a wooden box to hold the brush.

Photo: Kate McLeod

Every mom deserves a luxurious self-care moment, and this at-home pamper set from Kate McLeod will step up her game. Included is a body brush, which gently exfoliates with horse hair and sisal bristles, and a solid lotion “body stone,” which softens on contact with skin to dispense a delicious-smelling formula of cocoa butter, almond oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. The whole thing comes packaged in a pretty makeup bag, so she won’t have any trouble finding it among her other bathroom items. Wirecutter editor Daniela Gorny credits the set with keeping her skin soft even in the California desert she calls home.

Dries on the prize

The Nesco Gardenmaster Dehydrator on a kitchen counter.

Photo: Michael Hession

For the mom on your list who loves dried fruits or jerky, an at-home dehydrator will become her new favorite kitchen gadget. The Nesco FD-1018A Gardenmaster Dehydrator stood out among those we tested for its superior drying ability, quickly dehydrating apples, beef jerky, onions, garlic, and fruit puree (for fruit “leather”). To further expand Mom’s snack-making skills, give it alongside a copy of The Dehydrator Bible, which Wirecutter senior staff writer Lesley Stockton says offered the best recipes and advice out of the six dehydration cookbooks she read while putting together our guide.

Some like it hot

Hot liquid in the Ember Mug front and center.

Photo: Rozette Rago

Many moms know the struggle of trying to finish a cup of coffee in one sitting. But no matter what responsibility pulls her away, she shouldn’t have to settle for a lukewarm brew. Enter the Ember Mug: It was the most portable of the mug warmers we tested, because its heat source is battery-powered and built into the base, rather than a plug-in hot plate. Mom can adjust the temperature of her java using the Ember app on her smartphone. The mug cannot be run in the dishwasher, so make it a better gift by hand-washing it yourself.

Come on, get cappy

A navy blue baseball cap with the word Mama embroidered on it.

Photo: Ingrid & Isabel

Adorably casual, the mom on your list will love throwing on this hat, which proclaims her role loud and proud. Though one size fits all, the navy topper can be adjusted with a brass buckle in back. And for a twinning opportunity, you can also get a matching BABE hat for her little one.

Grandma’s best recipes

Front cover of the recipe book In Bibi's Kitchen by Hawa Hassan, a favorite gift for moms.

Photo: Ten Speed Press

In this beautifully photographed cookbook, Somali chef Hawa Hassan and food writer Julia Turshen share recipes and stories collected from bibis (grandmas) across eight countries in Africa. The easy-to-follow recipes for delicious dishes like date bread, chicken biryani, and shiro (an Eritrean ground-chickpea stew) are reason enough to give this cookbook to the gourmand mama in your life. And the stories of these women’s lives (both the bibis and the writers) will have Mom returning to the book again and again.

A breezy nightgown

Two people reclining, arms touching, while wearing vintage style white cotton nightgowns from Heirloom Art Co.

Photo: Heirloom Art Co.

Depending on how deep in the mom trenches your recipient happens to be, her own sleepwear is likely the last thing on her mind. Change that up with a white cotton nightgown. The Victorian-style offerings from Heirloom Art Co. are just right for glamorously streaming Netflix after bedtime. They’re perfect for waltzing around in the wee hours of the morning like a modern-day Sylvia Plath. And they’re great under a cardigan for when you need to hop in the car to do a school drop-off. The versatile coverups are unlined and not entirely opaque, so they’re subtly sexy, and they come in a number of lengths and sleeve options to suit your mom’s style.

Classical reading

Cover of the new hardback annoted edition of Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, one of our best gifts for moms.

Photo: Liveright

If you’re the offspring of a literature-loving mom, we’re guessing she worships at the altar of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. Recently published, this hardback annotated edition of the 1925 classic is a rich and satisfying update. The book includes an extensive introduction and is annotated throughout with newly gleaned insights drawn from both biographical research and an examination of Woolf’s earlier drafts. This version is also dotted with 150 illustrations, including paintings, a map of Clarissa Dalloway’s London, and relevant archival photographs. For there she was, indeed.

Cozy slippers

A person's feet up on a sofa shown wearing a pair of gray Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel slippers, a favorite gift for moms.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The mom in your life deserves—nay, needs—a warm pair of slippers to take her around the house in style. Get her these lightweight, breathable wool slippers from Glerups, among the best we’ve ever tested. Made from just one piece of felt, they’re less prone to splitting or degradation than other felted wool slippers. And they’re easy to slide on and off, when Mom doesn’t have time to bend down and fiddle with footwear. For chilly ankles, Glerups also makes a felted wool boot. Both are also available in rubber-soled versions to wear inside and outside the house.

A digital frame to keep her connected

An Aura Mason digital photo frame, a favorite gift for moms, showing three people in bright wraps.

Photo: Rozette Rago

Aura Mason (starting at about $180 at the time of publication)

A digital photo frame can serve as a direct link between you and your mother, allowing you to send new photos right to her mantle, no matter how far away. The Aura Mason, our favorite digital photo frame, is easy to set up and has a sharp, vivid display. And it works seamlessly on Android and iOS through a proprietary app. Simply upload your photos through the app (this makes Aura especially good for documenting Little League triumphs and other fleeting-but-important moments you’d like to share), and they’ll show up in the frame. One tip: After you receive the frame, start contributing photos so that when Mom opens the package and powers up the Aura, they’ll be ready and waiting.

Ancestral insights

The contents of an AncestryDNA kit, shown arranged on a green background.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

For the mom who’s curious about her ethnic origins or family background, a DNA testing kit makes a great, informative gift. Our favorite is AncestryDNA. This kit presents test results in a clearer manner than other services do, and it places ancestry information in a useful historical context. We do urge you to spend a few moments reading the privacy section in our guide, though, because using even the best DNA testing service involves data and privacy risks.

Her own personal barista

The Breville Bambino Plus, shown on a counter, with a coffee mug and houseplant shown next to it.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The mama who loves espresso drinks will enjoy and likely use this gift every morning for years. After more than 80 hours of research and testing, we think the Breville Bambino Plus makes the best espresso at home: It’s easy to use, yet it produces consistently rich shots and perfectly steamed milk. And with its sleek, compact design, this machine will look pretty in any kitchen that’s lucky enough to have it.

A (nearly) smoke-free fire

Solo Stove Bonfire

Photo: Solo Stove

For the mom who likes spending time in the backyard or on the patio, help extend her outdoor hours well into the evening with a portable fire pit. One of our favorites is the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit, which, when operated correctly, burns wood with almost no detectable smoke. The airflow created by the stove’s double-walled design intensifies the heat of the fire, making it more efficient and less smoky.

A cozy robe

A photo of a person wearing the Company Store Company Cotton Women's Turkish Cotton Long Robe in white.

Photo: The Company Store

There are few pleasures on this planet that are better than padding around home in a soft robe on a lazy morning, a cup of coffee in hand and no jeans or obligations in sight. The mom in your life deserves such a moment, and you can supply the uniform (even if you can’t guarantee the other elements). We tested dozens of robes, and this Turkish cotton model is one of our favorites. The robe is lightweight, and it comes in a wide range of women’s sizes (from XS to 2X), two lengths (long or short), and almost a dozen colors. For just $6 more, you can have the robe personalized with mom’s initials or a cheeky nickname, and there’s a slew of fun fonts and thread hues to choose from.

A rainbow maker

The Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker, a favorite gift for moms.

Photo: Kikkerland

This little light catcher will add some magic to any space. Just suction it onto the window, and when the sun hits the solar battery, the hanging crystals will start to rotate, refracting sunlight all around the room and transforming it into a rainbow wonderland. To see it in action, check out this video.

Bath relaxation

A selection of the best gifts for mom, including slippers, bath bombs, and flowers.

Photo: Michael Murtaugh

What Mom really deserves is a weeklong stay at a fancy resort, but she’ll no doubt also appreciate an exceptionally nice bath (unless you can swing that spa weekend, in which case, do that!). For an elevated experience, we love Lush’s Bath Bombs, the very best we tested. They “explode” as soon as they hit the water, filling the tub with gorgeous, shimmering shades, long-lasting fragrance, and skin-soothing oils. All of which is to say that the mom in your life will emerge from the tub good and relaxed.

A hands-free kitchen helper

The Google Nest Hub Max, shown to a weather display.

Photo: Rozette Rago

Supervising editor Marilyn Ong recommends the Google Nest Hub Max for moms who spend a lot of time in the kitchen—especially those who seem to have everything already. With the Max, your mom can upload family photos to use as screensavers, and watch TV shows or listen to music or podcasts while cooking. She can also access all of her favorite recipes—the device has a recipe-search function baked in. In our testing, we found the Max was better than the Amazon Echo Show at walking us through cooking instructions step by step. (And the Max has gesture control, so your mom won’t have to touch the screen with dirty hands.)

The very model of a modern apron

A person wearing the Rough Linen Pinafore apron, one of our best gifts for mom, in a neutral color.

Photo: Michael Murtaugh

Yes, buying Mom an apron might seem a little Leave It to Beaver. But the absurdly comfy Rough Linen Original Pinafore Apron is good for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, regardless of how much they cook. (Even someone who’s just “supervising” risks being splattered.) A rectangle of fabric with two straps and big pockets, the Original Pinafore Apron looks less “prissy apron” and more “artsy smock,” yet it’s actually really well designed. It’s loose in all the right places, but it won’t slip around as she moves. When testing the apron, we also liked the two giant hip pockets, which can fit everything from a phone to a meat thermometer to folded dish towels.

A new kitchen heirloom

A person holding the handles of a Le Creuset dutch oven, shown in orange enamel.

Photo: Michael Hession

A common rite of adulthood involves the passing down of a well-used Le Creuset casserole dish or saucepan from parents to children who are leaving the nest. (Equally common: said children sneaking a piece or two into a moving box and claiming, “I have no idea how that got in there.”) We say it’s time to turn the tide, starting with Le Creuset’s Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 5½-Quart Round French Oven, the upgrade pick in our guide to the best Dutch ovens. It’s large enough for soups and stews, and it makes great no-knead bread, too. Any mom who loves to cook will find herself repeatedly reaching for her Le Creuset throughout the year.

For the mom who’d rather be hiking

Three backpacks designed for carrying small children while hiking, including the Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL.

Photo: Rozette Rago

If the mom in your life has a toddler but has been yearning for the trail, help her start hiking again—with her child. Designed specifically for carrying kids over long distances, a hiking baby carrier has a freestanding frame structure, a cockpit for a child, and storage for traditional hiking gear such as food, water, and other essentials. The lightest one we tested, the Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL is made for people who have shorter torsos. But even our 5-foot-8-inch writer said it fit her better than other options. This model also has a kickstand and an easy-undo harness, so kids can get out for a little mid-trail exploration.

Analog photo fun

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 shown in rose gold.

Photo: Michael Hession

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is fun for everyone, especially moms and kids. They can break out this instant camera at parties or bring it on weekend trips to capture those sillier moments—who can resist the anticipation of waiting for the photos to appear? Our top pick for the best instant camera, the SQ6 cranks out photos that are just a little smaller than the Polaroids you may remember; it produces sharp images with a wide range of tones and pleasing-looking colors. And don’t forget to include plenty of film with the camera—once your mom starts playing with this gizmo, she won’t want to stop.

A DIY spa kit

A small glass jar of Evanhealy French Rose Clay Mask, a favorite gift for moms.

Photo: Evan Healy

We wouldn’t try to talk you out of getting your mother a gift certificate to a spa, but we would suggest you bundle it together with a DIY spa kit. The Evanhealy French Rose Clay Mask is a delight. And if your mom applies it before slipping into a tub filled with Dr Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Foaming Bath, she’ll have all the makings of a blissful afternoon. Afterward, she can finish things off with a facial massage using the Kimkoo Jade Facial Roller kit. The best part of this spa kit? The relaxation doesn’t happen just once a year—Mom should be able to find an hour here and there to unwind whenever the mood strikes.

A carry-all Mary Poppins would envy

The Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote, shown in light brown.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

For many moms, a handbag is less an accessory than a utilitarian carryall, toting everything they could possibly need in a day: Band-Aids, sunscreen, extra hair ties, a bottle of water, and sometimes even an emergency PB&J. This year, upgrade your own mom’s go-everywhere, do-everything bag to the Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote, one of Wirecutter’s favorite tote bags. It’s large enough to hold water bottles or a bag of string cheese, all while still looking chic. Take this gift a step further by adding a Cuyana Tote Organization Insert, to help her find everything in the bag more quickly.

A kick-back-and-relax camp chair

A person leaning back in a Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair, while a dog sits at their feet.

Photo: Winnie Yang

The Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is a perfect gift for the outdoorsy mom. Despite its admittedly ridiculous appearance, the Stargaze Recliner—a swinging seat suspended on an aluminum frame that looks like a cross between a hammock and a recliner—is wildly comfortable. After a long day of wrangling kids, the mom in your life deserves the best seat by the campfire.

Better running headphones

The best running headphones for blocking out noise, the Jabra Elite Active 75t, shown next to their case.

Photo: Michael Murtaugh

Whether your mom dreams of Olympic glory or just likes to jog around the block, you can help her make the miles pass more smoothly with a pair of Jabra Elite Active 75t, the best workout headphones we’ve found for someone who wants to block external noise (with the option of letting it in when necessary). The Jabras have great sound, solid battery life, a durable build, a secure fit, and easy-to-use controls, all of which will make your mom’s run as pleasurable as possible. And they’re protected against dust and sweat, so they’ll endure even the most intense workouts.

A bracelet with meaning

A person's hand partially in the pocket of their jeans, wearing two Minimalistic Birthstones Bracelets with gold chains.

Photo: Danique Jewelry/Etsy

Affordable and understated, these custom bracelets feature a dainty silver or gold chain of varying lengths to perfectly fit your recipient’s wrist size. You can get the bracelet with just one gem—maybe your mom’s birthstone, or perhaps a stone in her favorite color. My grandmother wears all of her grandkids’ birthstones on one chain, an idea that’s easy to replicate (and easy to split with your siblings, for a lot of kids). If you don’t know your recipient’s wrist size, you may be able to figure it out by measuring a bracelet or watch she already owns.

Cut above the rest

The Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set, one of our best gifts for moms.

Photo: Michael Hession

A super-sharp, super-comfortable knife set will make a mom’s cooking experience heavenly—especially if she spends a lot of time in the kitchen. During our testing, we found that the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set was the best for the job. This Wüstoff set includes the most-useful kitchen knives, as well as pull-apart shears, a honing steel, and an attractive storage block.

A cozy throw blanket

The Jungalow Planetarium Throw Blanket, one of our best gifts for moms, draped over a low slung chair flanked by houseplants.

Photo: Jungalow

The Planetarium Throw from Jungalow checks every box: It’s soft and machine-washable, and the fringe along its edges is endlessly fun to play with. Based on original artwork by Jungalow owner Justina Blakeney, the blanket looks equally gorgeous draped over a chair or thrown onto a bed (something we can personally attest to). The mom on your list will love snuggling under it or just admiring it.

Breakfast in bed, but better

The openwork teakwood Fionia Tray by Skagerak, one of our best gifts for moms, leaning on its end against a wall.

Photo: Goodee

True, you can deliver your mom breakfast on almost any tray. But we love the Fionia Teak Tray because it’s also an object she’ll also enjoy using during all those non-breakfast moments. Initially designed in 1982 by a family-owned Danish company, the teak wood tray remains classically stylish, thanks to its pretty checkered inlay and minimalist lines. It has deep sides and sturdy handles, which make it ideal for transporting not only breakfast but also cocktails and appetizers. And this tray also looks elegant just sitting on a table with a vase of flowers on it.

A woven basket for her bike

A vintage light blue bicycle with the woven Baba Tree Large Bicycle Basket, one of our best gifts for moms.

Photo: Goodee

For the serious biker mom with a serious haul, you might consider getting a bike rack. But if the mom you know needs only to transport a purse, a baguette, and a picnic blanket, a beautiful bike basket makes the perfect gift. We particularly like these from Baba Tree. Each basket is handwoven in Ghana from locally sourced straws, so this basket is not only utilitarian but also an objet d’art. Two adjustable leather straps secure the basket to a bike’s handlebars, so it’s a cinch to put on and take off.

A night away

A person in bed snuggled under a white quilt with sun sneaking through the curtains, representing a relaxing weekend away.

Photo: iStock/monkeybusinessimages

Being a mom is a wonderful experience, but it’s also a relentless and exhausting one. You may fool yourself into believing that you can give Mom a “night off” at home by pouring her a glass of wine, drawing her a bath, and giving her space. But it will be hard to keep her from responding to that little voice screaming, “Mommmmmmy!” Instead, give the mom you love a night away from it all: A one-night stay at a luxury hotel (somewhere with a bathtub and a nice view, ideally) would be the perfect escape—without any potential interruptions. Bonus points if the house is spotless when she returns.

A bevy of jelly

Six jars of gourmet jam from the We Love Jam gift basket, stacked two high and surrounded by brown crinkle cut paper.

Photo: Marguerite Preston

Whether the mom in your life is a toast devotee or a baker who enjoys using great ingredients, chances are good she’ll love a beautiful bundle of jams. This customizable assortment from We Love Jam is one of our favorite gift-basket ideas, thanks to the high-quality jams and the pretty packaging. To make the gift even more special, include a card with a personal message during checkout.

Organized carrying

A white pouch set with a botanical print.

Photo: Lewis

Whether your favorite mom could benefit from better organization in a baby stroller, a tea drawer, or a carry-on, these do-it-all pouches will be a godsend. Each set of three features a small, medium, and large pouch in a botanical print. And since they’re made from machine-washable fabric and feature a water-resistant lining, she won’t have to worry about being too cautious: Spilled applesauce, smeared lipstick, and leaky sunscreen should wash right out.

Gorgeous glassware

A mix of styles and colors of Italian Retro Gelato Bowls by IVV, one of our best gifts for moms, each full of ice cream.

Photo: Food 52

As Aristotle famously decreed, a mom can never have too much alone time … or too many small bowls. To elevate a scoop of Stracciatella or Greek yogurt from simple snack to refined dessert, put it in a translucent, hand-blown glass bowl from Tuscany. These come in colors like blush, purple, and indigo, and you can choose either the flat or the more-expensive footed version. We think any mom will find these faceted treasures ideal vessels for holding everything from mise en place and olives to pistachios and gum drops.

Band(ana) on the run

A light blue bandana with a yellow floral pattern.

Photo: Carleen

For hiding second-day hair, dressing up a simple tee, or making an old purse feel new, a bandana is the perfect sartorial solution. This cute, 100% cotton option from Carleen features the state flowers of both New York and California (poppies and roses, respectively), so it will be adored by the bicoastal mama and floral lover alike. For a slightly loftier gift, consider using it to wrap up a bottle of something festive or to fold around the book that’s been on your favorite mama’s reading list.

This article was edited by Catherine Kast, Hannah Morrill, and Jennifer Hunter.